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Used machines - planer, stacker and miscellaneous

(last update: 2018-01-19)

Subject to prior sale, no responsibility taken for techn. details

The machine specifications are online only available in German. Please inquire if you are interested in a special machine. We will be glad to send you an English version.

Power Chucks

Made, type Year tensioned area run
more details and photo KITAGAWA three-jaw power chuck, type B-210 (as good as new, not used) - 31 - 254 mm 75 mm Ø

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Made, type Year Remark
- - -

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Miscellaneous machines and devices

Made, type Year Remark
Details Denios Parts Cleaner bio.X T700 2012 good condition
Details Rösler Blasting cabin ST 1400-SAT 2012 -
Details WOTZEL Double bench grinder - -
Details GRAESSNER Lapping machine WENTZKY 3R35GR 1978 -
Details MICROSET Tool setting 1992 -
Details FAUDI Precoat compact system ASA 0,4 D 2000 to clean honing oil, grinding oil and dielectric
details about this machine JOISTEN & KETTENBAUM grinding and polishing device SP 300 1979 -
sorry, no details online OPTIMUM double grinder OPTI SM 200, NEU - -
sorry, no details online DIAFORM fluting device - -
details about this machine VITAX NIVOMAT palett-lifting device VNFK 10-86/123 1995 -
details about this machine ALZMETALL spindle cross table KR 400 1985 clamping area 500 x 200 mm
details about this machine MORARI universal milling and drill head type Tom "0" 1986 ISO 40

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